In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.


This was the last picture I took. This Robin attacked my car. He attempted to climb through the window.

He was a little scary but very happy to have his photo taken.

Maybe he just wants to be famous.


Its all in a meal

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Re-springing Your Step.”

Once a month there is a meal with friends. Its been happening all of 5 months. It’s a brilliant time of conversation and fellowship. It could be a late night or a bit or travelling but the food is good and the company is ever better.

I’m eternally a people person, I love being with people and often find myself re-energised by time spent with people. Not necessarily busy and doing things, but just being in a community.

Saying all that – I have truly been energised by people who I spend lovely wonderful hours with – but I live in a wonderful place. It is truly beautiful, to move and walk along the coast. A little bit of cycling here n there.

Often it can be the thing that just gets you out of your head that gets me energised.



I was reading this quote last night

“The paradox of Christian faith is that sorrow may be transformed into gladness by the Spirit.” p.610 IVP New Dictionary of Biblical Theology, Joy.

The concept of joy and the Christian faith. Its a corporate response – a response of a community to the blessings and grace of God – and an individual response to the same pattern and salvation found in Christ. The quote above was looking towards the response of those who are persecuted often find joy Christ to help them through tough trials. As a Christian in what is known as a Christian country I have never met persecution or witnessed it first hand. I can only pray that those who are would find true joy in Christ in the face to tough and difficult circumstance. I also pray that if I were to face such difficulties I would turn my face to face the Son in the power of the Spirit who gives joy.



Written by hand.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pens and Pencils.”

I actually don’t own a printer, and I like writing by hand, so it happens almost daily. I write my bible notes by hand and all my sermons, sometime I write letters and other just general musings. At the moment I try and study one chapter of the bible a day. Slowly filling up a ring binder with hand written notes that I can back and add to. Some days I get so into my writing I can get through a short book of the bible.

Writing by hand is a wonderful experience, it can often be cathartic. To watch a blank page be immersed in a way the few could replicate by hand.

Writing is always a joy.


Wide Open

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connect the Dots.”

Yesterday was a lovely day. Tuesday’s often are. You often get into the stroll of the week. For myself as it was not snowing or raining – a pure delight in Wales – I walked to work, which afford me precious moments in prayer with God. I often find that I struggle to pray when I am forced to sit still, I enjoy much greater to respond or when in movement. At University I used to dance around in the space that I could, or go for walks around the building often praying for the people or places etc, around me. in Red Moon Rising there is a part that looks at prayer and says “This may mean learning to open our eyes to pray instead of shutting them. It may mean movement as well as stillness.” (p.82) I stopped praying with my eyes shut whilst at Uni, it was for a practical reason, I had severe concussion and for a while after I was scared of the repeat of me flat on the floor being roused from unconsciousness having shut my eyes to pray. I started to pray with my eyes open and my hands ready for action. I have often stopped trying to pray my words and turn to the bible and use the scriptures instead. I like to look out and see what God would place upon my heart.

I wish to pray with eyes and heart wide open.



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Image Search.”

So I did as the prompt asked. I typed adventure into google image search and looked at the 11th Picture. incase you also wish to see it. I actually really like this photo and how it links to adventure. The two people are looking forward. Across to a beautiful unknown. Adventure is always better when its shared. The mountains are often difficult to climb to. Adventure needs to be shared. Why the word adventure. Well I have been listening to a song by Bethel Music called Chasing You. There is a line that says

This life, this love
Was always meant to be
A wild crazy adventure
Discovering, the thrill, the rush
The more of you I see,
The more it leaves me wanting your everything

Read more: Bethel Music – Chasing You Lyrics | MetroLyrics

I was walking to work this morning just singing this song to myself, and i kept thinking about this line about it being an adventure. A shared adventure with God. I like the photo as its a shared adventure. So bring on the adventuring!


Audience of One – Dear God

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Audience of One.”


So I know I talk a lot of meaningless chatter to you a lot. I’m sorry, yet I know you are looking down and wishing for more. I know this one letter extra to you will not matter. So I just walked across the bridges, its a little breezy out and and the tide was in. It wasn’t blue really today either, just a wintry grey. I saw many people I hadn’t seen yet this year. That’s always something to make you smile.

I’m not sure if I’m feeling smiley today – I’m sorry about that I know that you give me enough to be joyful and you tell me not to worry but there is a meeting at work tonight. One of them meetings that 99% of the time are fine and then 0.9% they’re bearable and then that last percentage is the could make me cry factor. I know you would say to me that you will be there so thank you, that’s probably why it’s only that 0.1% cry factor. It’s a crazy week this week as well, the start of all new things new, a new messy Church, a new playtime, we already had the New Years girls group. There are many other things that are not new to be doing.

Remind me later to have a very long and serious conversation with you about my creative presentation about inclusiveness. Oooh I could ask tonight’s meeting if we’re talking about local church context. Brilliant.

I was having one of them moments yesterday when watching God’s not dead, wondering if I had enough faith to deal with the big things, could I deal with all a life of ministry calls me too. Then their were the words in the film – its faith in the small stuff. I think I could have faith in the small stuff. The conversation over coffee, that opportunity to smile when singing your praise in front of a weary congregation, that just walking through the doors could show someone that Gods not dead – in fact that you are very much alive. The small stuff. You will help me to have faith in the big stuff to though – right.

Why did you fill my heart and head with the path if you will not?

I try hard not to doubt that you have called me, and that you have called me by name, yet its winter and the world is quiet and I find stillness so hard it creeps into my thoughts and dreams. Each day anew I stare at that prayer on the door – I freely and heartily yield all things to thy pleasure and disposal. And now, O glorious and blessed God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, thou art mine, and I am thine.- I have to speak them strongly into my day just to remember.

This summer you smashed the conservatory of my brain with that stone – I love you, I don’t suppose you could through maybe another cricket ball, or football, or a generic avalanche of rubble? Help it sink in fully – will it ever sink in fully?

Well I should go back to planning responses and services. Thank you for my walk and talk today, please prompt me to listen more.

From your servant who tries to remain faithful

So much love