Isaiah 1

So I started a new bible study… or updated an old system to not include a ringbinder… here is yesterdays thoughts


  • A vision given to Isaiah for Judah and Jerusalem.
  • The people have turned from God and good living.
  • God will not listen to these people, although vv. 16-20 inspire hope that things will/can change.

 ‘learn to do good;
seek justice,
    correct oppression;
bring justice to the fatherless,
    plead the widow’s cause.’ v.17

Do you bring an acceptable offering to God? What is an acceptable offering?

Do you live in the understanding that God alone makes you clean? Have you expressed your feelings to God about this recently?

Are there things getting in the way of you living like v.17? When was the last time you stood for justice?

Does God use visions in this age? When did you last hear one? Are we as individuals, churches, communities, nations seeking prophetic visions?

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