The books that changed your life.

Last week at Alpha we were looking at the bible and the question came up:

What book has changed your life? What book do you read and re-read again?

Now I suppose the bible is the obvious one, and really every time I read it does change me. However, I thought I would share five other books that have changed me in some way or that I have loved and treasured deeply.

  1. Little Women by Louise M. Alcott (and the rest of the series that follows the girls). I read this book first when I went out to India. I read it in a matter of days, and has been a firm favourite. Sharing life of individuals that go up and down, that shares joys and sorrows, has faith written all the way through it in many ways.
  2. Lucas by Kevin Brooks. This book is so wonderfully written, that it could be reality itself. You can’t escape the truths found within these pages on love and hate. I loved it so much I have in two languages and audio format.
  3. No Shame, No Fear by Ann Turnball is a book about teenagers, love and barely tolerated religion all set in the 1662. A girl battling her feelings for her Quaker ways and the man she meets on the road. The man’s discovery of real faith… and the girl. Its fascinating and has an equally interesting sequel dealing with the plague and the great fire of London.
  4. Dear Bob by Annie Porthouse (and it’s sequel Love Jude) Were a hilarious Christian diary of an English university student. I love them and still read them yearly. They are just very amusing and filled with wisdom.
  5. Between Angels and Demons Emma Bowes-Romanelli. This book is about a late teens journey through jaws of death and back to life. It’s so richly written with beautiful illustration by Jackie Astbury. A read for all age and all people as it shows the strength of human character and shares the journey of someone who has faced cancer, a disease that many of us have had our own links and stories with.

Five books that have had a huge part in my life. What are yours?


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