Immortalized in Stone.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Immortalized in Stone.”

So I never blog to frequently, but I found this daily post from last week and realised much had happened since May 6th.

How can you immortalize any year, as it is made up of a million events culminating in so many emotions and memories. As the musical Rent puts it ‘how can you measure a year.’

However, significant things happen. I turned 24. The weekend before I turned 24 I had an interview in Suffolk. Which means the rest of the time I spent at Cliff completely geeking out as a techie. Three months later, I was moving out of Wales and away from some amazing people to start a new job with an (amazing) Anglican Church. I have some ridiculously long title – pauses for breathe – Associate lay minister with responsibility for children, youth and young adults. The curate here has decided that means I look after people who run! Leaving Wales means I had to find a new flat (not easy) although I am now comforted daily by the sea view. (As winter closes in I feel it maybe harder to distinguish the rain from the sea.) I also live closer to my parents… so help Mum my car battery has stopped working was a very real reality. Although someone from church fixed it.

I’m learning a new denomination. I was really a cradle Methodist and I have not entirely shunned that identity yet, in-spite of some of the hurt that has happened – yet learning another denominations traditions and ways is exciting and eye opening. It really puts forward that sometimes our differences make us stronger, or really are not important, we are the body of Christ.

The reason why I was on my blog today was to look up an advent series of pictures I did some time ago. He was looking for some original art work and wondered if I could help. He reminded me today that we rarely loose good friends, just that we are secure in time passing to not effect it. We have to hope we make friendships like stone statues and not like sand castles.

I hope this year my friendships will continue to be Immortalized in Stone


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