Never the same morning

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Two Right Feet.”

There is very little routine in my life. Every day is different. There is no one thing that gets my day off to a right start. The alarm goes off and often goes on snooze – I allow time for this in my day. One day I will have to stop the whole snooze button but for now It’s working for me. There is no need for a cup of tea or coffee and often this doesn’t happen. The more luxurious days means I get to have this on my sofa catching up on some TV. At the moment i check the weather. Today can I cycle to work, will it be walking, or the car. Will I have to defrost the balcony and the steps to get out of my house or will it just be cold but not icy. Each day is so different that there is no way to create that one or two things that make my day right. It’s about getting up knowing today I get the opportunity to serve and praise God in all that I do.


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