Written by hand.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pens and Pencils.”

I actually don’t own a printer, and I like writing by hand, so it happens almost daily. I write my bible notes by hand and all my sermons, sometime I write letters and other just general musings. At the moment I try and study one chapter of the bible a day. Slowly filling up a ring binder with hand written notes that I can back and add to. Some days I get so into my writing I can get through a short book of the bible.

Writing by hand is a wonderful experience, it can often be cathartic. To watch a blank page be immersed in a way the few could replicate by hand.

Writing is always a joy.


One thought on “Written by hand.

  1. I stumbled across your response to the prompt of “Pens and Pencils” and would definitely have to agree with you! I like how you write your studies and notes of the Bible by hand. Think about it – that’s exactly how the writers of the Bible wrote the Bible. Not that they could really do it any other way, but what if a keyboard was available to them when they were writing the Bible. I wonder if it would carry as much weight and impact as it does now.

    I do the same thing though – writing Bible notes by hand, also writing journal snippets and sometimes prayers. In my opinion, writing by hand connects you closer to your words versus a keyboard.

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