Wide Open

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connect the Dots.”

Yesterday was a lovely day. Tuesday’s often are. You often get into the stroll of the week. For myself as it was not snowing or raining – a pure delight in Wales – I walked to work, which afford me precious moments in prayer with God. I often find that I struggle to pray when I am forced to sit still, I enjoy much greater to respond or when in movement. At University I used to dance around in the space that I could, or go for walks around the building often praying for the people or places etc, around me. in Red Moon Rising there is a part that looks at prayer and says “This may mean learning to open our eyes to pray instead of shutting them. It may mean movement as well as stillness.” (p.82) I stopped praying with my eyes shut whilst at Uni, it was for a practical reason, I had severe concussion and for a while after I was scared of the repeat of me flat on the floor being roused from unconsciousness having shut my eyes to pray. I started to pray with my eyes open and my hands ready for action. I have often stopped trying to pray my words and turn to the bible and use the scriptures instead. I like to look out and see what God would place upon my heart.

I wish to pray with eyes and heart wide open.


3 thoughts on “Wide Open

  1. I understand not wanting to sit still to pray. I focus better when my hands or feet are busy. I do try, though, because the Bible says we are to “be still, and know that I am God”

    1. I to try. We have a weekly prayer meeting that lasts around an hour but any more than that and it really is tough. I think that verse also speaks into the heart as our hearts being still like that of a troubled Sea and knowing that he has charge of all situations. I struggle to interpret it as solely to do with not moving physically.

      1. Yes. Stillness of spirit does not have to mean stillness of body. And yet–knowing my own nature, I do need to learn to just be still. I’m 67. Wonder if I’ll ever make it 🙂

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