Audience of One – Dear God

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Audience of One.”


So I know I talk a lot of meaningless chatter to you a lot. I’m sorry, yet I know you are looking down and wishing for more. I know this one letter extra to you will not matter. So I just walked across the bridges, its a little breezy out and and the tide was in. It wasn’t blue really today either, just a wintry grey. I saw many people I hadn’t seen yet this year. That’s always something to make you smile.

I’m not sure if I’m feeling smiley today – I’m sorry about that I know that you give me enough to be joyful and you tell me not to worry but there is a meeting at work tonight. One of them meetings that 99% of the time are fine and then 0.9% they’re bearable and then that last percentage is the could make me cry factor. I know you would say to me that you will be there so thank you, that’s probably why it’s only that 0.1% cry factor. It’s a crazy week this week as well, the start of all new things new, a new messy Church, a new playtime, we already had the New Years girls group. There are many other things that are not new to be doing.

Remind me later to have a very long and serious conversation with you about my creative presentation about inclusiveness. Oooh I could ask tonight’s meeting if we’re talking about local church context. Brilliant.

I was having one of them moments yesterday when watching God’s not dead, wondering if I had enough faith to deal with the big things, could I deal with all a life of ministry calls me too. Then their were the words in the film – its faith in the small stuff. I think I could have faith in the small stuff. The conversation over coffee, that opportunity to smile when singing your praise in front of a weary congregation, that just walking through the doors could show someone that Gods not dead – in fact that you are very much alive. The small stuff. You will help me to have faith in the big stuff to though – right.

Why did you fill my heart and head with the path if you will not?

I try hard not to doubt that you have called me, and that you have called me by name, yet its winter and the world is quiet and I find stillness so hard it creeps into my thoughts and dreams. Each day anew I stare at that prayer on the door – I freely and heartily yield all things to thy pleasure and disposal. And now, O glorious and blessed God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, thou art mine, and I am thine.- I have to speak them strongly into my day just to remember.

This summer you smashed the conservatory of my brain with that stone – I love you, I don’t suppose you could through maybe another cricket ball, or football, or a generic avalanche of rubble? Help it sink in fully – will it ever sink in fully?

Well I should go back to planning responses and services. Thank you for my walk and talk today, please prompt me to listen more.

From your servant who tries to remain faithful

So much love



2 thoughts on “Audience of One – Dear God

  1. I liked your letter to God, very honest and heartfelt. I agree with your thoughts about having faith in the small stuff being more difficult. I once heard a teacher say, “We trust God for our salvation but we don’t trust Him to provide the food for breakfast tomorrow.” In my experience, it is often the little things that trip us up.
    Paul often compares the Christian life to a race, it is not a sprint but a marathon. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and trust God to keep the path straight!!

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