I got Skills

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Got Skills.”

Last night I sat with a good friend just putting the world to rights. We talked about all sorts of things, friends, work, homes, lads, and the role of leadership and its need within the Church. A natural talking point really for us. We belong to very similar but different churches that have some ecumenical working. The other topic is what does our generation wish from church. Now I have thoughts on both, and in some ways they show my Wesleyan theological leanings. However, I have a firm belief that most church goers in all ages wish to be active worshippers.

I have spent a lot of time trying to work out my own place within a community of a fellowship of believers and I always feel most welcome when my skills are recognised, or I am recognised. I have also found that when we welcome young people into a church and allow them to participate, especially through service they will come back and get excited about church as the bride of Christ.

What ever the person or the age, God has given someone the skills to do his work – this may mean enthusiastically greeting people at the door or … well the opportunities are endless.

I got skills because God has given them to me.

I’ve got skills and you have skills because God graciously gives.


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