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Four words.

So it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. I am incredibly aware at the beginning of a connexional year, or at the new year there is a need to reflect and this is often easier for me when I write. I am know it’s been over a year since I’ve written, I decided to take a year of private writing for myself, or rather not writing for any one else. Which leads me here. A new connexional year. I am not going to make any promises to post, that is never how my world works. It is that sort of promise that always gets broken.


As a reflection on the last year – in particular this summer – there have been four very important words or phrases.

Firstly there is the very important word Hope. The word hope has always been a strong word in my life. I know this hope that makes me glad. I know this hope that anchors me. I have a hope that reigns victorious at the right hand of God. I know this hope, and this hope knows me. Sometimes I just need to remember not that I have this hope, but rather that this Hope knows me. One of my summer evenings was leading a devotion where I shared that we have a God who knows everything about us. He knows my favorite color, number of eyelashes, what words that bug me, what crazy dreams I have. God knows all about me, and you, whoever you are reading this, and he still loves.I have this hope. The creator of the whole universe knows me by name and loves me wildly. I always have hope.

The word that has stood out for me this year as I read the bible has been Inheritance. I have a future inheritance found in this hope. The inheritance of a new heaven and a new earth. But I also have an inheritance here, now. The inheritance is the Holy Spirit, my constant helper. The idea of inheritance is certainly one thing I’m still working on in my head. But all who call on the name of Christ in forgiveness, worship and love, are called to have this inheritance.

In the last year I moved again. Not far just down the road, probably the shortest distance of a house move I have ever done. During this summer I had a the wonderful opportunity to go on camps and that led me to have some wonderful conversations, around all of these words, but a very wise asked me one morning ‘what drives you?’ What a wonderful question to ask so very early on a day off, but it got me thinking, What drives me? The answer is bringing people home. Bringing people home, to that safe place, with God. To be with people as they journey towards there heart of God. To watch them as they move to understand Gods identity and there identity in the trinity. To watch them walk there individual path and finding creative ways to worship, serve and share there chapter in God. Bringing people home to Christ and how then they serve God in there own unique gifting.

Finally the saying of the group of four and that is ‘immeasurably more.‘ Exciting, exciting exciting – i believe in a God who is, who does immeasurably more. I want to live in the presence of a God who does immeasurably more.

In which case I am going to live this year trying to remind myself this daily. I have a hope and an inheritance, that helps me in my ministry to bring people home to Christ, for and with a God that does immeasurably more.

To the new connexional year.


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