Time Off – what have I done

So I’m actually coming to the end of my time off convalescing, and I’m feeling much much better – although hay fever season seems to have appeared. 

It has been an interesting time. I became an accredited local preacher whilst I was home, which has been a long awaited but also within God’s timing. I have been creative in many ways. not just the pictures from the previous post, I have been knitting, and looking at and practising for a larger stain glass project. I have also started to build website and social media sites for my home Church. In and amongst this I have managed to read the whole of the Hunger Games trilogy and three books on John Wesley and by the time I return I will have watched all three series of Rescue Special Ops. 

I have no ability to sit inactive. I will sit still – ish – as long as I can read or paint or watch or knit or many of these at once. 


I have come to the conclusion however in my time off that I would love to go back and study – I never thought I would say that. Even crazier… I would love to study more about the Wesley’s and the Methodist Church and Wesleyan Theology. I can hear the small crowd cheer and every one else silently groan inwardly. 

I wish to explore more creative options – especially in connection with my work. 

I also wish to blog more regularly. 


But I am looking forward to going back to work. I miss so much of it. 

Saying all this my time off has had one running theme all the way through it. Origami Llamas.

I can not tell you how beneficial it is to know how to make a llama out of paper. Try it. 

Would love to know your origami results. Bx


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