2 in the morning

I can honestly say that I did not want or plan to be up at two in the morning. Happy coincidence though as long as no deliveries arrive before ten I don’t have to be up early.
Now there are many reasons to be up at two am I suppose. Prayer, work, good show on TV all I imagine are suggestions that would be acceptable, even I’m up to catch some mode of transport for an exotic holiday or I’m returning. However, if none of these are your option it’s most likely that for many there are alarm bells ringing in your head.
That’s my problem tonight, albeit that my alarm bells are actual alarm bells penetrating the rather ineffective windows at a very high volume in this early hour.

So tonight – is that still the correct term this early in the morning? – I leave you with a prayer:

Lord, please bless those who sleep in this town
May their night pass dreamily, not a sound.
For those who wait upon you King
May we use our quiet voice to sing,
So not our neighbours do we wake
But still you kingdom we do shake.
For those who work the quiet hours
Be refreshed by your powers.
And those insomniacs and TV fans
Rest gently in your holy hands.
For those who travel far and wide
Allow you this hour to be their guide.
And those returning home,
Bless them with a sleepy tone.
And those who lay while alarm bells ring
Pray you take away the sting
Of what the morning may bring.
And Lord I ask you one more request
So with sleep, I am blessed
Please take away the noise, find solace
So tomorrow I maybe conscious.



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