I’m dead…. Wait a minute Fooled you!

I’m not sure about anyone else but I find that having Easter Sunday so close to April Fools day rather apt for a couple reasons.

Can you imagine as the ladies walked to the tomb to find it what there reaction would be. You wouldn’t believe it was true. You would think some one is pulling your leg. I really hope that the reaction of these women was of praise and joy with the possibility that Jesus was alive, but I’m human and I imagine after I got over the upset I would be on the war path to find out who took the body. I doubt even with the angels in the tomb I would have believed that he was alive. Still I think I would look at him as I I was dreaming as if was being made up, like I had wished him there in my grief and I was either going mad, or someone was playing a horrible joke.

And when he women return to see the men. I imagine in my head that they would have paused for a moment and asked them to repeat what had happened for them. That disbelief, wondering if grief had made them crazy.

But here’s the thing about Easter and the Risen King the joke is not on us. The only person that Jesus has fooled here is death.

Today he is Risen. Rejoice, be glad, praise The Lord for colour has returned to our world.


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