Faith: Three points

I don’t often blog sermons that I’ve written, mainly as I don’t often write them. However, I’ve been really thinking upon these points recently. The readings for the week where Isaiah 58:1-12, and Matthew 5:13-16.

Like all good sermons there where three points, these have been the basis of many of my further studies and thoughts recently.

So the first point: Our faith is not always comfortable, sometimes it can be uncomfortable. One of the things that I find in Church’s, is that they can be very Sunday orientated. That participating in mission – if that is happening – is for the sole purpose of bums on seats in the Sunday Service with a willingness to put money on the collection plate. However, our faith is not just about the Sunday, it’s about a life that means leaving our possibly warm Churches. Are we concerned about the Sunday mornings, or are more willing to work for the Kingdom, are we about comfort or allowing God to use us in the uncomfortable places as well. The places where often we are needed most.

The second point: Our faith is not hidden, it is outrageously known. This links very nicely to the Matthew passage about Light and not hiding it. My love for God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – is something that I want not for it to be ‘I think she’s one of them people who goes to Church’ but rather a very visible living transformation in my life. I want it to be the first thing people think about when they think of me.

The final point is that: our faith is not safe, it is beautifully dangerous. I think about a fire, and how quickly it can spread, and how we can often contain candles by how we place them. However, can catch like that wild fire and spread like crazy. Might not be quick, I have found the camp fires that take the longest to light are always the most beautiful. Faith may not spread quickly but it will spread. Faith is contagious, it is beautifully dangerous.

I’m living a faith that is not always comfortable, outrageously known and dangerously beautiful and that makes me excited! So excited!


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