snapshot of the last two weeks.

I spent a lot of time this last two weeks doing really two things! Talking – please no jokes- and Painting. I spoke at the Ladies Circle (which I have renamed the Ladies Semi-Circle as they sat in a semi-circle!), I preached last Sunday, I went and spoke at a house group, I had a youth group where I asked questions and they stood on a spectrum, tomorrow I’m giving testimony at a youth group, and I love talking. Some of the topics I have engaged in have been social media and the Church, prayer and asking big questions, as well as sharing some personal experiences. Some places I went joined the discussion, other places didn’t. All places would shut me up with a good cuppa tea, milk, two sugars, and a invite to come back soon. 


However, for most of this week I have been by myself, for someone who loves company and talking as you can imagine the silence and solitude of clearing, sorting and painting the Sunday Club room makes for a stark contrast to the rest of my working life. 

I welcome the return of craziness this week. and hopefully many more conversations.




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