One weekend

I thought I would share a little about my weekend. This last weekend has been a little crazy. It’s been brilliant although a little bit sleepless.


So where to start, I think I will work backwards – novel, I know!

Sunday evening – I slept through Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone. 

Saturday Afternoon/Sunday morning – I was at the Wales Youth Synod Big Sleepover in Buckley… I had been asked to go and lead some logins (workshops) on Big Questions, take part in the Sunday worship, generally chill with young people and explain a little bit about my role within the Methodist Church. The next morning was Sunday worship at the local methodist church (having slept overnight on a church hall floor – as standard). Its great to see young people engage in worship. The I went home. 

Anyone who has done a youth sleepover know that it can be pretty tiring but very enjoyable. 


So to rewind a little further…

Friday evening – Saturday morning – I went and took part in a 24/7 prayer event at another church holding a specific youth event. It was great to see more young people really engage in prayer, and chance for myself to really engage in prayer. 

At one point during the evening I was praying for patience and vision and got gave me this image of a stick tree… the lines just kept growing up out of the soil, then all of a sudden the picture flipped over and the tree began to grow with leaves and fruit. 

This certainly seems like an image to hold on to throughout my ministry.


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