Psalm 121

I enjoyed rewriting yesterdays psalm so much Ive done another….. I might start from the beginning of the book.


Psalm 121


I look towards the mighty mountains, mountains that are always so strong.

How can I stand like these creatures, how can I also stand strong, what will help me.

You created the mountains that weather all storms,

Creator you made all things.


As I balance upon the edge, you are my harness

unresting, persistent, always, always there.

You’ve held and still hold us all in balance

never failing, never giving up, giving in. 


You are with me,

My umbrella in the storm 

and sun shade in the sun 

All the time.


You will only ever do whats best for me God

Watching like a loving parent.

Through morning and night and morning again and again.

You stand as my guard.


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