So I found this bench:



Its not the greatest photo, but the bench was truly beautiful. It probably has spent the last few days in snow and water. Its not what we would normally think of in a bench. It’s not something we could instantly sit on, at least not without a protective layer. Some may say it’s useless, but this bench is still a bench. It was created for the very purpose…

Every human is created for a purpose, doesn’t matter what it looks like on the outside its still precious in the eyes of the creator.

I spent my Sunday morning at church looking at Psalm 139. Its been a while since I’ve read it but inspired I thought I would re-express the words of the Psalm in my own words (yes my own words, inspired by God’s word and the Spirit – how novel)


Master, you see all that I am, and everything I have and can be.

Everything I do is known by you, my busy-ness and my quiet times.

You hold every thought before I ever think it.

You know the places where I have been and the places where I shall go. 

You know me, all of me, all I do.

Even when the words fall out of my mouth you know them, you know the words I have left unspoken.

You do not leave me unattended, but walk the path with me. 

You hold my hand, patted my back, encouraged me, sent me, ordained all of my days.

How, can you know all things? That’s just immense. 

I could never understand.


Can I ever escape from you God?

Can I ever disappear from your knowledge?

When I go to the mountain tops you are there.

When I sit amongst the rubbish you are still there.

If I am in Norfolk or beyond you are there,

All the ways to the end of Wales and well past Ireland you would light my way.

I am in nestled in the palms of your mighty hands.


‘My darkness and wrongdoing would hide me’ I thought.

‘Sin would not allow the light to penetrate night.’

But even this does not scare you,

My darkness can only be light in your presence.

You know me all the same, you are there all the same. 


You made me, all of me, everything.

You made me from the very beginning.

I will bless you Lord because I am in your image, and you are so awesome.

Your works are amazing, this I understand.

You where there at the sculpting of my bones, at the smoothing of my flesh, as I was there hidden even from my parents eyes.

You knew the days I had ahead and planned them according to you plan, I was part of your painting, your amazing storyboard.


God Let me hear and know what you are thinking, these are joyful moments in my life and they overflow from you.

I can not count them up, they are more than the grains of sugar on the earth.

I am astounded every day by the newness of your glory.


Oh Lord, why do you allow us to do horrible things,

why do you allow those who cause harm?

Why are there people who do not glorify your name?

they do not like you or attempt to understand you.

Lord help me with the contempt I feel for them.


Oh creator, see through all my disguises, the guards that I place on my heart,

Everything Lord, in every way, shape me Lord,  let me be know by you.

Make my heart more like yours, make me shine for you,

lead me towards the waters where I can sing your praise forever. 





Just a quick note, I was really inspired by two days away. Some suggested I tried this so I have, I enjoyed it. I shall probably try it again.




One thought on “Bench

  1. I completely agree with you, this bench really is gorgeous. I always seem to come across things like this without a camera or a way to really capture all of its essence. I always feel that describing it, or even the emotions it elicits from me don’t really project the image I want it to, to others. Not to mention others may view or experience other emotions when looking at a photo.

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