A Plan

So I went to my first concert/gig inside a building! (yeah I know that sounds crazy but so far I’ve only seem live acts either in a tent or in a field….)

I went to see Owl City with my Boyfriend and some mates. To be honest my weekend was going to be a bit hectic, it was supposed to snow, my hand hurt….. and as much as I wanted to spend time with amazing people I can honestly say (sorry Dan) that Friday morning I was having second thoughts about travelling across and then back into Conwy for the food feast.

But I loved. I always would. I can even forgive having to catch a train.

I can see you all now thinking “awww thats a nice/sickening/dull story where is she going with this…?”

Well I will tell you. In one of the Youth Groups I help with instead of going for choose a bible passage think of an activity, we go for pick an activity and Bx has to get the bible into it! Its kind of a fun game, luckily next week is empires which is a lot easier than ninjas and chocolate.

But isn’t that what we sometimes do with our lives we pick our activities and work the bible into as an after thought.

Thats actually not where I’m going with this.

You may have noticed I have been neglecting the blogging lately again – sorry – and lately I’ve been missing the reflection on contemporary society and scripture mixed together.

Then it hit me – Owl City, or rather the amazing lyrics would probably make a beautiful series for a youth group or to tie in some biblical reflections….  yes you can see where I’m going.

At least once a month, if not more I hope to be blogging, and to get me back into the swing of it I shall be reflecting on the Lyrics of Owl City and and the Christ Faith…. I’m excited. I hope you’re not to terrified.


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