Reflection on #fando

My university degree assignments were largely theological reflections, and I largely hated writing them. But as I reflect I have or I have a responsibility as I get back on the train.

What do I have to do now. My response to these two and a  bit days. I have had a strong renewal in my passion for theology, and I don’t want to keep this to myself. This has an impact with my ministry with families and young people. To help the, engage with theology, the communion of saints the richness in grappling with the big questions. Moving to not have a shallow ministry but a deep ministry allowing God to reach deeply in my life and of those around me. Being aware of the Wesleyan quadrilateral in the work I do not just as a a useful tool for graduating from a college with Methodist tendencies. There needs to be an investment in theology in the local church and I have a chance to facilitate this.

Theology is integral to our faith and walk as Christians, I think people do want to engage with theology but are scared by the thought of inaccessible language and the notion that they have nothing to give. We can all grapple with the big questions and converse with scripture and the communion of saints.

Theology is not exclusive. It is not just for the Professors and doctors but we can use they’re wise words and study to guide our own reflections on the big questions. What are these big questions. Two I shall continue to grapple with is the issue of cohabitation and the word relationship.

Finally I leave my last thought for the two days that I leave with:

We need to inhabit our theology, we need to inhabit our faith.


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