So I’ve put my beautiful frame tent, and my life will now be filled with ‘intent’! The brave step to spend my last two weeks at uni under canvas has many positives, for starters my tolerance for pollen goes up therefore my hayfever lessens, its so much cooler to be in a tent in this weather, and camping is just cool fullstop! It also means that I get used to sleeping on the floor well before I take my role as site warden for the Festival here at Cliff College ( which I am very excited about.

Further more I get to spend my 21st birthday doing something I love, camping.
And I get to do the last day of my 20th year doing ava (fixing cables, testing sound, moving equpiment, heat shrinking and soldering) which is greatly exciting as well.

So here is to the summer, to festival and the last day of my 20th year. 


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