Being transformed can be a painful experience and certainly challenging.

So being transformed by the power of God. I’m sure for most of you, at points (and often they’re few and far between for most people) it feels like he’s transforming you with sand paper and a chisel… essentially a painful process. As I was discussing with a friend the other day (he has a new blog how I think at the moment God is working a small bit on the transformation thing. Painful emotionally in some ways and phyiscally painful as he seems to have chosen to administer this transformation through my inability to stay on my feet! 
So I’m bad at many things. I’m very independent, reliant on myself and God I suppose, but the community, well they always look so busy and I can do it myself. But no this week has been a movement into allowing others also to help me. I’m incredibly thankful to as many of my friends have truly been amazing here! Maybe I need to allow people to support me as well. Especially God – Challenge one.
Secondly its been a movement into accepting prayer, I’m quite happy to run away from people if they wish to pray for me, but being on crutches means two things firstly people wish to pray with you more, and secondly you just cant run away! Maybe I should be more accepting of people wishing to pray with me and for me – Challenge two.
Finally I was really moved by this scene in Call the midwife on BBC one that showed a nun seeing the frivolity of the nurses and then going back to her rome and taking of her head cover, showing her in a completely different light. This has inspired and challenged me is maybe I need to more truthful, the naked honesty of who I am. Challenge three.
Maybe in a few weeks time we shall see where these transformations (or attempts) have led to. 
Please ask me how I’m doing over twitter or FB or by commenting here!

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