So over this weekend I finally got acquainted with that part of the M1 that signposts THE NORTH, pretty much like that. Such vagueness, the NORTH. I could have been going any where (and with my satnav I could have been going anywhere.) Such frivolity to jump in a car and just drive. If I was to do this without a clear purpose (which I did have) then I can honestly say that the M1 would not be the road of choice!

But on Friday (27th Jan 2012) just before 2pm that is where I found myself. Not alone i hasten to add, but rather with Holly, a great mix tape (CD) and my KA – aren’t you glad to know I wasn’t walking. What a journey through rain and sleet, and according to my satnav on roads that are un-surfaced (the M1 – un-surfaced :S ) and past all the lifeguards. I went to Durham – which I believe is the furthest North I have ever been – to the National Methodist Student Conference, to be greeted by the ‘Durhamites’ or the MethSoc of Durham University.

The first night included worship, meditative prayer (in sleeping bags), buffet food and the obligatory ice breakers. Pretty much a standard at most conferences, I wonder if the main conference would survive as well on a church floor… quite comfy esp with my adapted roll mat – a parachute (why not!).

We had three fantastic speakers Deacon Eunice Attwood, former Vice-President of the Methodist Conference, speaking on “Journeying in God with Moses and Lily Allen”, Rev. Ruth Gee, the chair of the Darlington District, speaking on “Stardust, Stories and Surprises – Knowing Me, Knowing You, Knowing God”, and Rev. Roger Walton, chair of the West Yorkshire District, speaking on “Discipleship, Mission and Small groups.” A truly veritable feast for mind and soul… and the cake they had solved the stomach issues. I plan to at some point before all thoughts on the weekend dissolve into the rest of my whirring mind, blog on each of the seminars so watch this space, but for me what God really spoke into my heart was that God was a God of transformation, a God who loves as us as we are but loves us so much to leave us as we are. It’s kinda hard to get your head around but its like you favorite stuffed toy teddy ripped to pieces that you love dearly but can’t bear (notice the pun) to see it not fixed. God is a God who transforms. 

So watch this space for more thoughts and exciting-ness about the weekend and life in general.

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