Deadline is that time of year which all students dread, even if you like deadline it fills you with that cold sweat, knowing that somewhere you friends will be eating that midnight pizza followed by 3am toast and 6 am coffee. Its that moment where you realise your reading may just pay off and that Facebook is possibly the worst invention. Its a time when you consider there is the possibility of two 3 o’clocks in the day and that wikipedia although not quotable is a gift from God.

My friends consider that Deadline sends me completely crazy, or rather I become less concerned about confrontation and more prone to speaking my mind. Most find this reasonably amusing, and in some ways  is possibly a trait I should consider adopting more often.

So I asked some friends for something to talk about and it was suggest I talked about Aiden Sharpe. This week in college we started an appreciation group for Aiden. This is a guy I’ve known for a very time through Cliff College Festival. Now I don’t want to embarrass him to much but he is fantastic musician, great man of God and a really good friend. Currently he’s probably sat somewhere in college writing the last of his work. I wish him well.

So now I’ve embarrassed him a little he is also a friend who has started a blog for the new year. he has some interesting thoughts, and often produces them at wither inconvenient moments, when he should be typing, or when we’re both trying to be quiet behind a sound desk.

Take a look

This is definitely be a man to look out for.


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