1st of September

I’m not sure that its the new year that changes the world…. Nothing happens in January except a load of mostly already broken promises we keep trying to persuade ourselves to do.

September is the month!
September is the month when everything changes… its really the start of autumn.
But looking back every September is a change, big things happen.

We go back to school, or college, or Uni, if we have families they do the same and if we have none we can go back to places as there are no longer school, college or uni students hanging around.

Its been 10 years this September since 9/11. Its the month of international talk like a pirate day. Its the start of the Methodist Year. September was when we started using our current calendar system!

This time last year I posted about a changing experience I had with the Army, and it is incredibly scary to think that the guys some younger than me who had started there training when i visited will have completed there phase two training and probably be working full time. Its bizarre to think that some I have met will still be training to go back out to continue fighting a war or peacekeeping or still be prepared to blow people up and be blown up.

Two years ago I would have been panicing about going to Uni, What would Cliff be like, would anyone like me, would the food be okay would I be able to write assignments. What would happen when people discovered how clumsy I was. I had my first Uni hospital visit. I made fantastic friends, I wrote my first assignment albeit in November … I survived, and most would now accept my clumsiness as endearing.

The year before that we started with the this time next year you could be at Uni speech…
The year before that Welcome to college speech…
The year before that we started with the this time next year you could be at College speech
The year before that Welcome to your GCSE’s….

You kind of get the picture. September is when everything changes.

You are thrown into life once again… building up to something to look forward to all winter… something to hold fast to as the colour fades from summer skies.

This September is no different.
I can most likely guarantee I will go back to uni and get the this time next year you have to enter the real world… welcome to your final year of your degree. Its inevitable.

I’m not the same person each September though. This one month is not the end of life changing events its just a key one.

So what about me this September.

I’m still clumsy.
I’m still on the road… just.
I still love God, still clinging to Jesus and attempting to live by the Spirit.
I love dancing more than ever.
I have taken up photography.
I’m quite excited about writing a dissertation.
I’m on trial as a Local preacher.
I still paint badly.
I’m still scared about receiving the collection in church.
I want to learn to sky dive and visit Australia.
I’m still looking at a calling in Methodist Ministry,
and I still have not organised my third year block placement.
I no longer wear odd shows which is both odd and a shame.
I no longer organise my computer files as well as I should or my books by colour.
I still would love to own a kayak and drive a yellow mini (old style)
Mundesley is still my favourite place in the world.
and I still love to stand on the Edge, in literal and metaphorical sense.

Furthermore in my new (That being September) I cannot wait to see how God is going to refine me, how he will reclaim me, and how is plan is going to work out for me. I may not be looking forward to all that sanding down and chopping off but its plan.

Whats more I hope I stay smiling as God is Good… all the time.


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