Dr Who- the Pond guide to pray?

I’m not sure about you, but I am an avid Dr Who fan. I think the series are pure genius and have been completely enthralled by this new series. In the first episode of the new series, we are introduced to Amelia Pond who starts by praying (rather unorthodoxly) to Santa Clause. Despite it being to Santa Clause I love this section and I feel that in its form and response it is true genius and can be a great note on prayer.

To begin with she apologises for probably waking Santa up since it had been along time since Christmas. This happens doesn’t it, sometimes we can go without prayer because until we are scared or in trouble it seems unimportant and irrelevant. This also links to the idea of confession.

She thanks, in this case Santa for her Christmas presence, one of the key aspect of prayer is thanks. We thank God that he give his son, that we are forgiven, that he has given us the holy spirit, that he guides us, is with us, loves and many other things besides.
She asks for someone to come and fix the crack in her wall. A basic desire which she realises is beyond the control of herself and of this world. With child like trust she puts her faith in the prayer she is praying, that an answer will happen.
Then the Doctor arrives. Its a bit abstract, and for the full full answer it takes 12-14 years to correct (sometimes we have to wait.) Sometimes its not easy and you give up but like in this case the Doctor comes back and solves/saves the day, God waits with us, is with us when it is hard, puts people to support us their, and keeps us driven and dreaming of his Glory.
Prayer according to Pond… the Doctors assistant!

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