Organic growth, I say pah to that

I have a particular sorrow going round my head today. It hasn’t been a great day, I’ve been grouchy and annoyed, but in the midst of the work that was started very late on in the afternoon I can’t help feel sad over an incident that happened before I left for Cliff. Before I had the knowledge of what I was trying to voice.

I was sat in a meetin which was open door to any church member and anyone else that wished to attend could have done. For a church meeting it was well attended their where a good 35 plus people. The meeting was about the worship life of my church. There where many points that I wasn’t sure I agreed with.There where many points I did. There where many splits and divides in the group. Then there was this statement:
“our church will organically grow”
I remember it well, I started out confused – what did this mean, then I was more, it’s hard to explain, I think I was annoyed as I knew this really wasn’t going to work. As a church we needed to be in our community. People die staying in their house an never venturing out, they miss out on the food and the fellowship that make us grow. Moving in a community outside our church makes us grow. We grow when we face people who have different values to us and make us rethink our position, we grow stronger as a church, and a s a local community, withering and dying behind our walls because we have no sunlight, no mix to make us grow, because we decided to be ‘organic’ is never going to help. My church doesnt feel like a dying church on a sunday but sometimes I wonder it might, and I worry I can’t stop that. They are lovely and I love my church, but a few seem to have lost the fight. That keeping to their pews on a Sunday will help, but as a church we don’t need to be seen to be doing any formal outreach. I didn’t know how to speak.
I’m not sure I know how to speak now; but more than ever I feel we as a church, not just my small church in town, but as a church of Christ, we should be doing something!

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