just another clumsy day, just another post.

They wrote me a song. It takes the mic, I’m not sure I care. It’s true. I have actually become more clumsy.

Thats without my great love of studying in obscure places. Where to sit tomorrow… slightly tempter by the outside again, it was most enjoyable today. The cold makes you type quicker just to make sure you keep warm and you think to take your mind off being slightly uncomfortable. Plus being slightly cold and uncomfortable was strangely nice. A lot better than sitting on a sofa.
Like the tea point, slight draft, tiles and a bit off height, hey presto work, work, work.
Small square in wall outside, probably the odd spider, drizzle, chilly and well stone, and more work, work and work. I’m not sure how many new places I’m going to be able to find in college, so maybe I should work quicker!
So any ideas of place to sit (where people won’t complain about ways of me possibly injuring myself) let me know as I’m slowly getting stuck.

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