Mundesley Beach and a quiet old church

I wanted to say goodbye to a few things yesterday. Origanlly it wasn’t even the place I turned up at. I took time to think first, so I went to the beach. Whilst thinking I had time to write.
Take time to stop
and listen
I went to the place where God’s voice is always clearer
Maybe it’s the sea air
or incomprehendable sound of the waves
I don’t know maybe the wind chills me stops me stressing, makes me relax
or the air so fresh makes you realise how cluttered your world is.
Maybe this place is just happy for the memories. Laughter and sand.
Or maybe here I am just small and insignificant
I think this place is great because it is never the same.
It changes, always just a fleeting moment. You have to say goodbye, always. Maybe knowing you can never come back makes it easier. Maybe the quiet moments alone to listen are significant. No rebellious Pirates
I walked along the beach path
the tide was coming in, so no one was really on the beach.
the breeze blowing the cobwebs away
and peace filling my heart.
Last time I came here I cam with a friend and we nearly got run over. We p[layed crazy golf!
Today is a lot different.

Space and time to think
To say Goodbye? I will return here, just not like this, not for a while
Drama today did not play the air unlike next time I’m sure
today wasjust hope, peace and salt.
And two cups of tea.
Time to start living adventourously
not shirking responisbility
time to get on with life.
I did say goodbye, briefly, not to the beach I will go back there soon, but to a place that I should have done years ago.
And as I reread my writings today, I feel no sadness, no joy. They where words of one of lifes journeys. One which had not quite started and has no where near ended.It was about the courage to take change go, with change, maybe even be that change. They are words I’m sure all people wonder at some point when walking along the beach of the known to unknown, espicially when the tide is rough, just some prayers go out for home, not the bit we don’t know.


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