Drama, drama, drama

Drama, drama, drama

What sometimes I wouldn’t do for the quiet life… I can see it now (if this was a movie the screen would go cloudy and camera would move up as if in to a dream like state in which the character would ponder a life of quietness.)

Nice house, with loving husband, pretty kids who are doing reasonably well, regular visits from family and friendly neighbours, all smartly turned out to go to church on sunday. Days on the beach, walking the dog, aughing on a boat. Cooking, cleaning, ironing, transporting and organising, cosmopolitan with the girls every friday… probably the biggest drama being what someone said about my cakes at the church fete.

In some ways I would love this life, it sounds so simple, so care free, but would I not miss the drama. Well it makes a nice day dream and even if I only get a part of that (husband, kids and complaints babout cakes) I’m sure I will be happy…

As for now back to the constant that is…
Drama, drama, drama


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