Cliff a small snippet

At cliff they do a thing called LNE which is really cool!

And they usually have like a speaker and a prayer and a response to either of these at some point in the evening (the theme of festival was change, so Friday night was God the same, Sat: change the world, Sun: change the church, Mon: Change me)
So Sunday I went to LNE and at the beginning of worship I sat there think I’m going to have to text someone about GOD and then the speaker got talking and he was saying how we as a generation had so many ways of communication and the more how he spoke the more I felt I really had to text/tell someone it was like my heart felt really warm so he got to the response

And he said I don’t want anyone to stand up out of emotion, just out of reason if anyone wants to commit wholly to
To spreading the gospel outside cliff festival stand up, think about it and stand up
And I sat there thinking well if I stand up it’s an emotional response
I can’t
And the more I thought this the more I felt I had to stand up
So I had this internal struggle
I just kept thinking we
Well I can text someone later
You know
Meh I don’t need to stand up
Well in the end I stood up
Right and he said I’m going to pray for those who stood up (out of a room of 100 + there was about 15 of up) and then
Then he said after I’ve prayed I want you to do something

I want you to text at least three people asking to chat about God
Then at the end of worship I sat down and managed to zone out right through the heavy rock band and then silence. Took some lovely people to bring me back to planet earth.

Talk about God aye?

Kind of why I might have text you about Rain… It’s not exactly as if it’s great and completely shining in my life so say metaphorically you could class it is a slightly drizzly… but He – the awesome creator is. Amen to that.

He also told me over my slight nervousness of uni not to worry so all is rather good 😀



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