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What an amazing two years, but really what an amazing 18 years

Within the last five minutes the realisation that sixth form is coming to an end is rather to close for comfort. I know that exams for some of us (well me) are rather a way off yet but for most Friday is the last official day of college. Again I am bucking the trend and Thursday is my last day.

It’s strange how quickly time goes, cause it only seems like yesterday that I was here before at the end of high school, my last day, waiting to go to cliff, turning 16 strangely ambling past people avoiding saying the dreaded goodbye. The only difference is in a way I was glad to leave high school (yes I do think that 14 G.C.S.E’s was way too much).

However the friends and the experiences at Sixth Form will inevitably make me sad to leave Notre Dame. Maybe that’s why I’m not so sad I’m missing Friday to go to Cliff but rather glad to be putting off saying goodbye because this way I can leave it for just a few more days. Get used to the idea that I will no longer have to get up at 6.30 because I need to get ready to catch a bus, but rather because 6.30 is quite a jolly time to get up. That I won’t have to walk up Surrey Street in all forms of adverse weather conditions, all with high winds as is the way on Surrey Street avoiding people buses and cars whilst risking your life to cross the road. I will neither be ridiculously early or sublimely late to form or assembly, no more weird assemblies, or damn strange form times. And I won’t have to remember which building I’m in for my lesson, or walk to the top of St. J’s every Monday morning to be with the loud year twelve’s in AS Business. Nor will my history lessons ever again consist of wild hand gestures and question upon the religion and the existence of God. And I’m sure I will miss the weird tangents, stories and gossiping put forward by my fellow philosophy and ethics students, and the existence of squirrels in classes well definitely brighten up many days. And when the times of academia get too much I’m sure I will miss the scarily quiet library and the canteen with its supply of number 64 vending machine coffees. The food, the seeds, the stars for birthdays and the fire alarms, the collapsing people and the hugs when you burst into tears. I will miss the way small kids always get in the way and that there is always a person to pull funny faces at, or to stop and say hello to. I will miss my Friday lunch times often with their air of unpredictability, love and prayers.

I will of course miss most all the many great friendships formed either in passing or on a more substantial scale. Too many names to mention and embarrass, but it wouldn’t have been the same without them.

And I suppose as the saying goes, tide and time stay for no man and you have to move along with where the wind blows you. Whether you take a path that’s trodden in similar directions or you take another direction I suppose I would like to thank all friends for the last fantastic 18 years. Whether I’ve known you from NWHS, NDHS, MAYC, Guiding, church, etc, ect, etc or possibly from the future Thank you, for it is much my opinion that I am who you’ve made me.

Much love



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