i lost what i thought i had and found i still had nothing
time doesnt wait for the dor to open does it
not any more
if the world should end tomorrow
we’veall been through this bother
and it doesnt take mother
earth to recognise the sights
and terms
condition is what the time cant see its bending willows
leaving me
sweeping me away in time and tide
to pretend the fake
of flakey paint
we are wasting away
pasting away cutting from the screen
losing the blood behind the obscene
crushing whats left of love by his beside
sadly sadly the team is split
chicken pox in the boxoff
time to tear
time to wear
fair the fear
and fear to be
for ever and ever this world is wasting
tasting, fasting , shaking shock
and then there where two
you have to look
take away your cheerleaders
take away your fame
take away your lipgloss mask and pretty blonde dye
take away them clothing shoes
and what theyhave to say
as i really want the real you
to shake away this pain
scratches on cds
post in a box
male on the road
broken bones
broken stones
broken words
broken world
time to share
create repair
forget the tear
tears they fall on times they cry
and the tears that are forgotten
are the worlds greatest crime
they kept you under lock and key
barber wire surround you
dont let me fall
oh yes oh yes
mighty king of heaven savedme
oh yes oyes
when i thought things couldnt get worse
i realsised i forgotten my purpose
the rain it showered down
and still i praised
his mighty hand
and he is great
he is great
king and lord of all time
for he is great
he great
and he saved a life like mine
and he is great he is great king and lord of all timefor he is great he great and he saved a life like mine
over the seas the time does go
over the trees we do soar
king and creation
amazing spirit
lord of all time
this is what i live for
this is where i say



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