thoughts for the fortnight

so here it is the list as compiled once again by Bx and Ruth:

  1. We are Robin Hood!!!
  2. Never go to buy something from tescos that hasn’t been released
  3. try not to smother dolphins
  4. photos are friends not food
  5. apostrophes such as this one ‘ right there are um a conumdrum to bx
  6. but not to ruth
  7. we should go t’pub
  8. meh
  9. awerome and awo is a new word for a new era
  10. time and tide and rain and buses wait for no man
  11. or women
  12. ruth loves JA more than someone or other does
  13. texting is bad for a phone’s battery
  14. but then so is lasagne
  15. dressing gowns make good camp fires
  16. dancing with david tennant does not count as a date
  17. well it doesnt count if it’s a david t calender
  18. however dancing with a dolphin could just about = a date
  19. lists are fun
  20. bx loves ruth
  21. ruth loves dragon
  22. dragon does not love bx
  23. we want Will back!
  24. you can’t swim on dry land
  25. bx was mad enough to try
  26. where is the cider?!?!?!?
  27. too much cider apples the brain
  28. brian will get his come uppance
  29. like matt my typing is inaudible
  30. you always find love in the last place you look
  31. and often the last place you look is right under your nose
  32. high mountains are often high and hard to spell … like killamawotsit
  33. two men drama or two women dramas are often shorter than ever imaginable
  34. are you really still reading this list?
  35. poor person
  36. let my lifesong sing to you
  37. bx only bites on a thursday
  38. the new mya layout looks good…
  39. once you’ve read the proposal 79373940 times
  40. metro station are awerome!
  41. only 9 to go
  42. when there is a storm, you know it’s time to give up sanity to dance and sing in the rain
  43. colds are annoying
  44. being cold is annoying
  45. being hot is annoying
  46. having hayfever is annoying
  47. does any one actually care what gibberellic acid is?!?!?
  48. bx has no idea what ruth was going on about in number 47
  49. the floor is comfortable untill you sit on it
  50. leave a comment if you wish us to add another 50, leave a comment if you dont want us to leave another 50….. may be just leave a comment

One thought on “thoughts for the fortnight

  1. Being cold is annoying. Long lists are annoying. Burning dresses are annoying. Dolphins swimming on dry land are annoying. and Singing lifesongs are annoying.But cider is good.

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