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Time to fly

We all fall, but then we all skydive. Inspired by a friends facebook status, wish commented on how my friend was watching the rain and realised we all fell, it got me thinking. It’s true, which although not really shcking is quite startling really, thinking what that person went through a rough patch but they’re so strong, so happy, so vibrant, so perfect!

But none of us are perfect, we are as they say only human. What is even more, worrying is not the right word but i suppose it will suffice, worrying is that we often forget ourselves that we are not perfect and are only human; which in turn makes it a harder surface when we fall.

It’s something we so often say we are or are not perfect without really ever realising the implication. The second is easy to explain its an untruth. The first we don’t fully understand I don’t feel, we use it as an excuse that we throw around nonchalantly.

Are imperfections make us, being human makes us, we make us.

We suceed we fail, you win some you lose some, and some times we fly and sometimes we fall, thats just life!



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