Thought’s from the last week as compiled by Bx and Ruth:

  • HSM3 is fab
  • Ruth in general makes funny noises
  • make sure you have heating at the front of the church when leadin worship when its cold
  • Rhino is beawesome
  • We got married…
  • …again
  • mundesly is breeding crocodiles
  • ruth cant drive or find fog lights
  • the sea is cold especially in Feb
  • bx trips over really easily particularly if concrete is involved
  • sea storm breakers are comfortable for first aid
  • having a working hand brake helps to calm the nerves of passersbys
  • dont keep david tennant poster from your friends
  • lava lamps are pretty damn funky
  • Bacardi breezer need i say more
  • MEN… again need I say more
  • DSA can be odd
  • How can you loose a car?
  • matress moving is funny
  • so is stuffing
  • ruth cant spell phil…. yeah well neither can i
  • neighbours are people outside a list
  • some songs get the never agian look
  • brie is tasty
  • water although good isnt good in buildings esp. walls
  • cromer sells fridge raiders
  • bx wore a dress(!!!)
  • ruth got a taste of her own medicine when panicking whilst another friend drove her to a beach
  • we learnt that you cant sell electrical goods
  • but you can donate them
  • pizza quiches are nice
  • noce a new word
  • one foot in the groove are playing at church tonight
  • uni’s are meh
  • old kind gentlemen can be kind
  • old strange gentlemen can be um… strange
  • lists are great
  • milk truck drivers stalk young cyclists in Oulten
  • killer sheep dont always live in oulten
  • bx’s typing is appaling
  • pestle and mortors are cheaper at kerri’s
  • mator was a japanese kit car
  • ruth likes to correct bx whilst she is typing, along with sayi ng everything out loud, like this
  • Anna is amazing, and finally…
  • Blessed be the name of the Lord

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