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I woke up today and the sun was shining through the window, no snow, although the forecast doesnt think it will stay that way. Well any way mother asked me to phone up the radio about , our German exchange partners. You see in a mojor coincidence my mother exchange partners daughter became my exchange partner 30 years later, which was a turn up for the book, and Radio Norfolk where talking about exchanges. Also eing Sunday I headed off to church which was certainly intresting, Cedric was talking about healing, his service are always different if not to modern for some of our congregation, but the lovely dears in the congregation are always so loving even if they do want to know everything, all the details and call you by the wrong name. Of course there is no rest for the wicked and as next week is the first time my friend and myself lead worship at church we had a meeting with our minister. It was nice if not very tiring to look at it certainly cleared a few things up before next week and now there is an order. Plus then ruth and myself got to plan our trip to the beach and possibly the cinema. On that note I leave you with a poem…

I could fall in love with the water
It’s grace it’s silent power
it’s great noise and un-nerving silence
it’s stillness in motion
I could fall in love with the water
the thousands of colours
it’s depth of soul
it’s inner light
and darkened heart
I could fall in love with the water
and it would keep me
forever in its loving embrace


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